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When it comes to Coat of Arms (CoA) design, it is very important to understand all the heraldry elements and to make sure that everything is perfect upon completion. Heraldry is all about knowledge, symbolism, composition and work on the extremely fine details. Everything displayed on a CoA has its meaning and purpose. The specific CoA tell a historic story of the places, individual and the family origins, and their personal interests.

The design process starts with CONSULTING, the first step in which we should receive from you all information needed to design your CoA. This stage consists also of planning, and research regarding your future CoA. In this step we are sending you also a first handmade draft version of your CoA, and final commercial proposal based on previously discussed design elements. If you are agreed with our terms, I will send you an invoice. BASIC CUSTOM DESIGN is the main part of the process in which we will be designing your CoA - the shield. You can opt for more detailed CoA that consists of surrounding elements beside of the shield. I've labeled this as ADDITIONAL CUSTOM DESIGN. It is possible to make necessary corrections in design (up to two overall). Another optional part of design process are SPECIFIC ADD-ONS (personalized wallpapers with your new CoA). Finally, I will prepare for you all the image files in different file formats, and documentation (including the Coat of Arms' blazon and graphic book of standards).

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The shield has changed shape over the centuries, but its surface has always been the area on which armorial bearings are usually displayed.


The mantle is a decorative accessory displayed each side of the crest and shield and reflects the tinctures of the arms.


Names and mottoes usually appear on a scroll beneath both the shield and any decorations. Mottoes are often written in Latin, French and English.


The compartment is a design placed under the shield, upon which the supporters are depicted as standing.


The supporters are figures or objects usually placed on either side of the shield and depicted holding it up.


Those components of a heraldic display consist of the elements borne on top of the shield.

Custom Design

Custom design of Coat of Arms shield by using heraldry symbols.

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Custom Design

Custom artwork design of Coat of Arms additional elements.

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Wallpapers with CoA for your computer and self-phone.

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Starting from scratch? Please provide me with details needed to make a custom made CoA by using this form or send me an email with those details.

Do you have any ideas how you would like your coat of arms to look like? There are some details I would need to know before creating your coat of arms:

  • What about colors?
  • What elements and values would you like to convey on the shield of Coat of Arms?
  • Do you have any specific motto?
  • What animals would you like to be used as supporters (if any)?

You can place an order by using the DESIGN REQUEST FORM shown below. Apart from BASIC CUSTOM DESIGN (custom design of CoA shield incl. name and motto by using heraldry symbols) you can opt for ADDITIONAL CUSTOM DESIGN (custom artwork design of CoA additional elements: mantle, name and motto, compartment, supporters, helm/torse/crest), and/or SPECIFIC ADD-ONS (wallpapers with CoA for your computer and self-phone).

You already have a previously designed and professionally hand-down or digital painted CoA, CoA engraved into a signet ring, or engraved plaque? You would like it to be traced, and converted from raster image to vector artwork with shapes and paths? Please provide me with the image scanned in high-resolution required to make work done.

Don't hesitate to contact me for specific details on the process prior to purchase. I'll be happy to provide an estimate. A deposit is required when the order is placed, and the balance is due upon approval of the final artwork.

So, let's begin!

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