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Hëllo, all heraldry fans!

My name is Srđan Ilić. Yes, I know... It's apparently very difficult to pronounce. So, call me Sergio from now on!

I become interested in heraldry while researching my own heritage. The more I studied medieval history and heraldry, the more I realized that coats of arms and flags are a good way to represent ideas and values with symbols. And finally, I decided to start one of a kind spin-off project of my own freelance brand hëllo - the freelance lifestyle. This way Heraldic Design was born on 27th of September, 2020. This day is very important in Orthodox Christianity because the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is celebrated each year on September 27 (September 14 in the Julian calendar). The Feast commemorates the finding of the Holy Cross by Saint Helen, the mother of the Emperor Constantine.

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Srđan Ilić

Bachelor with honours in electrical engineering and computing

Heradlic Design

I design personalized coats of arms for individuals, families, institutions and places from different regions throughout the world. Like an experienced freelance consultant and graphic designer, I would guide you through the whole process of making of CoA, up to the digital service delivery within two weeks. You will be able to preview online draft version of your CoA at every stage of designing process and give me your suggestions. I will keep posting revisions (up to two overall) until you are happy with the design.

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Appropriate digital service delivery is now more important than ever. Digital technologies enhance service delivery and drive a transformation in business. You can download all of documents and purchased designs directly from by using Ready2Use service powered by Heraldic Design, or you can choose to receive them over a file sharing platform. In both cases there is no need to manage login credentials. All that it takes is an Internet connection and a few minutes — so you can enjoy the customization Heraldic Design stands for, without the wait, and environmentally conscious.

Although the service has a simple user interface and is pretty intuitive to operate, it also has been provided with a detailed user guide. How does it work actually?

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