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Great investment! Web page like this one, with your Coat of Arms on it, could be yours for ever. No additional fees, except those for custom design of CoA, are applied. You keep the digital files for future use across all media, safely stored and easy to access the next time you need them.

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Blazon and GSM

What is Blazon? In heraldry a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms and flag. The blazon specifies the essentially distinctive elements of a coat of arms or flag by using the specialized language. The term is derived from the French blason. Originally it denoted the shield of arms itself and still retains that meaning, but it is now generally used in a derivative sense as meaning the description of the arms.

What is GSM? Graphic Standards Manual (GSM), also known as Book of Graphic Standards (BoGS) is a detailed instruction for proper use of visual representation, and all the elements that are a part of CoA and flag design. It provides a way of standardizing all the elements for easier use and production.

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Coat of Arms - blazon

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